Our easy payment solutions give merchants a wide array of choices for rapid payment processing.

Our easy-to-integrate, standardized payment solutions make one-stop payment processing a breeze!

Solution Developers

Our straightforward technology solutions make integrating lightning-fast TCP/IP payment processing into your new or existing software solution(s) incredibly simple. We handle all the hard stuff for you, including seamless private storage of ALL merchant credit card data in our secure databases! That means you don't have to store ANY cardholder data in your software at all, making PA-DSS compliance EASY for you, and PCI compliance for merchants using your software solution a no-brainer.

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Merchant Options

When you select a software solution that has standardized on our powerful technology platform, you get amazingly fast authorization and settlement processing with virtually any payment processor you choose to use (almost ALL processors are compatible). You can also sign up with us directly to process payments from your website and many commercial shopping carts.
For many merchants, use of our incredibly powerful tools and technology is FREE!*
* Gateway services only, restrictions apply, please [ read more ] now.

Easier Compliance

Our secure technology platform agressively protects sensitive credit card data, which means that your point of sale software doesn't need to store any credit card information at all. Hackers can't steal information that is not there, so your computers (and your customers) stay protected. Our comprehensive remote storage engine means that PCI-DSS compliance for merchants is faster, easier and far less expensive than ever.
For Solution Developers, remote storage means PA-DSS compliance is easy!

You can learn more about PCI-DSS compliance [ here ].

PCI Compliance
Our powerful tools can literally save merchants tens of thousands of dollars on PCI-DSS compliance, and simplify PA-DSS compliance for solution developers. The staggering, unanticipated complexity and costs of PCI compliance are coming, and the realities (and expenses) will be shocking indeed. Fortunately, with our tools in hand, you will never look at compliance the same way again. Take just 5 minutes right now to [ learn more about PCI Compliance ] while there's still time, and we'll show you how to save thousands!
Diamond Payment Systems offers easy-to-use, innovative, and exceptionally PCI-friendly solutions for processing online payments. Web site and shopping cart developers, along with tech-savvy merchants, are invited to [ learn more now ] about how standardizing on our tools and technology can result in easy integration, PCI freedom, and FREE payment gateway processing for most online merchants!